Richard Mann & Associates
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Richard Mann is the president and founder of Richard Mann & Associates. He was part of a research team that developed an innovative integrated library system for the Biomedical Library at the University of Minnesota in the 1980's. When the researchers left the University and formed their own software company, Sedna Corporation, he became their director of documentation and training. Sedna enhanced the unique and powerful minicomputer operating system for other complex data base applications in health care and government. He professional career during the past 15 years has focused on the medical device and health care industry.

Kris Emerson is the vice-president of education and training. She is a registered nurse who has extensive experience in the health care and medical device industry. From her broad perspective of clinical and business experience, she provides innovative approaches that meet our client's objectives in achieving the performance they want from the learners in their organizations. She worked on numerous sales/customer education and training projects with Richard at American Medical Systems. And she has worked with him and Angie at Sage Health Management Solutions, before joining Richard Mann & Associates.

Angie Lillehei, who is also a registered nurse, is a senior-consultant who brings solid experience and education to the general management and leadership of innovative, growing client companies. She helps provide the client problem solving and organizational readiness that is necessary to augment and facilitate the positive change outcomes that result for the quality education, training, and documentation that we provide. She also has worked at Sage Health Management Solutions. In addition to her being part of the Richard Mann & Associates team, she is working on her PhD, which provides the team with a great resource for access to the most current issues, trends, and innovations in health care.

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