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Solutions: Training

Detailed needs assessment indicate that training is often the most cost- effective and appropriate solution for improving performance.

Physician Training
  • Baylor College of Medicine Residents’ Course on Urologic Prostheses (Houston, TX)
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation ImplantableSling System Symposium (Cleveland, OH)
  • Neurostimulation and Intrathecal Infusion System Interventional Therapy Workshops: Medical Education and Research Institute (Memphis, TN)
  • Pain Fellowship Education Program (US Pain Fellowship Programs)
  • Angina Pectoris Symposium (Rome, IT)
Sales Representative Technical Training
  • Male Prosthetic Urology (Minnetonka, MN, Egham, UK)
  • Female Pelvis Anatomy and Physiology (Malta)
  • National Sales Meeting Product Launch (Phoenix, AZ)
Web-Based E-Learning
  • Female Pelvic Health Training for US Sales Representatives via WebEx
  • Female Pelvic Health Testing for US Sales Representatives
  • Defensive Driving Course for US Sales Representatives in cooperation with ClickSafety

“Thank you for having invited me to participate in the neurostimulation workshop last week. You and SF did a superb job of putting the program together on relatively short notice.”

Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Workshop Course Director

“I would like to thank you for all you did to make that workshop one of the best run workshops that I have attended. . . . Thanks to you everything ran smoothly and all of the doctors received a large amount of informative materials in a relatively short period of time. . . .”

Pain Management Anesthesiologist
Workshop Attendee